Saturday, 21 August 2010

Things I've seen in between: May - July 2010

image: Food Court
Funnily, it feels like I've not seen as much this year as I saw last year. Not sure if that's true. Not sure if it matters. I made it up to Edinburgh for a fleeting few days this year and am hoping to blog something about those shows shortly. In the meantime, here's the inbetween list, including some rich Mayfest pickings:

- Full Beam Visual Theatre: The Lesser Spotted Collectors' Club
- Forest Fringe Microfestival at Bristol Old Vic for Mayfest
- Stoke Newington International Airport: Live Art Speed Dating
- John Moran and his Neighbour Saori... In Thailand
- Bodies In Flight with Spell#7: Dream-Work
- Dancing Brick: 6.0 How Heap & Pebble Took on the World & Won
- Orbita: Dogger, Fisher, Faero
- Tinned Fingers: The Last Romance Club
- Lone Twin: The Festival
- Jasmine Loveys: Five Fat Fish
- Nic Green: Trilogy
- Peggy Shaw & The Clod Ensemble: MUST - The Inside Story
- Sylvia Rimat &Kate Ashman: Falling For You
- The Plasticine Men: Keepers
- Ed Rapley: Who Knows Where?
- Will Adamsdale: The Human Computer
- David Rosenberg/Frauke Requardt/Fuel: Electric Hotel
- Flying Eye: Cutting the Cord
- Stacy Makishi: STAY!
- Simon Godwin/Bristol Old Vic: Far Away
- Back to Back Theatre: Food Court
- Andre Andrianov & Oleg Soulimenko: Made in Russia
- Fuckhead: Carnival of Souls
- nadaproductions: THEM
- Jacob Wren & Pieter De Buysser: An Anthology of Optimism
- Back to Back Theatre with The Necks: The Democratic Set (Cardiff)
- Twisted Theatre: Othello
- Jimmy Whiteaker & Anna Harpin: I Could Have Been Better
- Natalie McGrath: Scottish Kiss
- Adam Peck: My Bristol Vista - A Partial View of Where I Call Home
- Tom Wainwright: Custard
- Timothy X Atack: M32 Is Also A Galaxy
- Nalaga'at: Not By Bread Alone

image: MUST: The Inside Story

A few international artists in this list, including the wonderful Peggy Shaw who I could have had me under her spell for a whole lot longer than 45mins.

On the flip side, the young Austrian company, nadaproductions, produced one of the wrongest shows I've ever seen, and one that I ended up walking out of (which is very rare for me).

Once again though, Back to Back produced one of the most amazing shows I've ever seen with Food Court: brutal, uncompromising, impeccably performed and looking and sounding like the most beautiful nightmare - a show which reminds you of the power of theatre as a live medium. Utterly extraordinary.

image: Food Court

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