Friday, 30 April 2010

Things I've seen inbetween (January - May 2010)

image: and the line goes dead...

Funny how 2010 sounds much more sci-fi than 2009.

Anyway, thought I'd list up before Mayfest hits. Already this year, there's been a couple of fests or festy type seasons showing all kinds of work in development, rehearsed readings or just concentrated goddamn art experiences, so best get the diary out.

- Travelling Light & Champloo: How Cold My Toes
- Marcia Farquhar: 12 Shooters
- Tom Wainwright & Sam Halmarack: Mouth
- Alan Williams: The Girl with Two Voices (pts 1, 2 and 3)
- Timothy X Atack: and the line goes dead...
- Shaqgufta Iqbal: Untitled + Jam For Girls 
- Tristan Sturrock: Frankenspine
- John Hegley: Dancing With Deckchairs
- Stewart Wright & Craig Edwards: The Nothing Show (Pt 2)
- Bristol Ferment Rehearsed Readings (new writing by Natalie McGrath, Shiona Morton, Jimmy Whiteaker, Timothy X Atack, Lee Coombes)
- Action Hero: Watch Me Fall
- Tom Marshman: Pole Dance
- Bristol Old Vic Theatre:24
- The Wonderclub: The Lamentable Tragedy
- Yara El-Sherbini: Universality Challenge
- Harminder Singh Judge: The Modes of Al-Ikhseer
- Prototype February 2010 Platform (5 pieces)
- Firebird Theatre: The Tempest
- Murcof & Anti-VJ work-in-progress
- Third Angel: Words and Pictures
- Gillian Dyson: Site Unseen
- Marty St James: Homage
- Los Terreznos: The Desert
- Varsha Nair & Lena Eriksson: LOOC: Line Out Of Control
- Manuel Vason: I BELIEVE IN
- Marcia Farquhar: The Omnibus
- Anne Seagrave: Do Gory Nogami (Upside Down)
- Rosie Ward: Breathing Space
- Trace Collective: Post-Historical-Cluster-Fuck
- Lisa Wesley & Andrew Blackwood: The Project: 2040 AD
- Paul Hurley: Untitled Actuation, March 2010
- Professor Liz Aggiss: Survival Tactics
- FrenchMottershead: Were You Here The Last Time
- Forced Entertainment: Void Story
- Also at National Review of Live Art (Michael Mayhew, Lei Cox, Qasim Riza Shaheen, Kate McIntosh/Eva Meyer Keller, Michelle Browne, Sam Rose & Annette Foster, Iona Kewney, Monali Meher, Robyn Archer, MC Neil Bartlett)
- BLOP: Bristol Live Open Platform 2010 (63 pieces)
- Bristol Old Vic: Juliet and Her Romeo
- Champloo: White Caps
- ATC & Bristol Old Vic: Project Underworld
- Short Fuses (new plays by Natalie McGrath, Craig Norman, Jenny Davis, Timothy X Atack, Adam Peck)

image: Void Story