Tuesday, 4 September 2007


So, here we go.

Three months ago, I wasn't even considering starting a blog. But then three months ago, there were loads of things I wasn't considering doing. Three months ago, I was also getting a bit down about about all the things I wasn't doing.

One of those things I wasn't doing, was keeping decent notes about the shows I was seeing. It's useful for me to do this for work, but it's also much more enjoyable for me if I get to think about these things outside of work too. After all, I started working in the arts because I loved seeing shows - even the really bad shows - not because I "fancied working in the arts". Besides, I turned 30 last year and my memory's starting to give out, and I guess t'internet's the safest place to write stuff down. You can't put the internet in the recycling by mistake.

Just to remind me why I should have started this years ago, here's a list of all the shows I've so far this year, according to my diary:

[EDIT:] I just tried doing this and I keep writing excuses for why I can't remember all the specifics of each artist I saw at each festival. I got too embarrassed to get past February without hunting down programme notes.

So I could try and dig out those programme notes and continue the list...

On the other hand, why look back before I've even started.