Saturday, 24 January 2009

Pictures of you

Whilst I was seeking out pictures to liven up my blog, I did the obvious and google-imaged my name. You don't get much when you try my full name - mainly links to projects I've been part of, plus my facebook pic - but (unsurprisingly) my first name brings up a bunch of images of the Hindi Film Star I was named after:

I really like this slightly hilarious profile of her:

"One wonders if she were not Nutan's little sister if Tanuja would have ever been in Bollywood? She was not classically beautiful with her Barbara Striesand nose and darker than your average Bollywood starlet complexion. Nor was Tanuja especially talented or could she really dance very well. But then there is something about Tanuja something fresh and infectious, endearing. She is so darn cute, that's it. She bounces and pouts and makes girly faces, thoroughly modern 70s girly faces. Tanuja was that rich father's spoilt daughter who followed her headstrong heart that you see in so many Bolywood films of the late 60s and 70s. She had that part down pat. And every rich spoilt daughter who follows her headstrong heart in every Bollywood film that followed Tanuja's lead owes a bit of their characterization to her."

Oooh - feisty... in a sort of Bollywood kinda way.

Pimp my blog

Hello you! whoever you are- (probably me)

I was talking to Tom Marshman the other day, and he mentioned he'd been checking out Tim Atack's website.

"Good pics," he said.

Hmmm, I thought. Best pimp my blog.

So I've just spent the most extraordinary amount of time finding and splicing a selection of 'lovely pictures' into various bits of this blog. I'm particularly fond of the image I found for CSI in this post.