Friday, 8 April 2011

Things I've seen in between: August 2010 - March 2011

image: Still Standing You
Hello blog!

Been a long time. Many half-written posts wasting away in the ether. Tumbleweed.

In amongst the shooting of films, editing of scripts, making of performances and the Work, Work, Work (2010 was something of a killer); I have seen some things:

- Tom Marshman: Move Over Darling
- Dancing Brick: Captain Ko and the Planet of Rice [work-in-progress]
- Aeon platform (Liz Clarke, H Ren, Paul Hurley, Mike Jones & Gareth Llyr, Phil Owen)
- Edson Burton/Theatre West: Children of Salt
- The Bristol Do (various artists)
- Tim Crouch: The Author
- Mimbre: Until Now 
- Bec Applebee: Oh Mary
- Company F/Z: Horse 
- Sharon Clark/Theatre West: Pavement
- Fairground Theatre: Bonnie and Clyde
- Sam Halmarack & The Miserablites
- A Taste of Theatre in Gloucestershire showcase (9 companies - including this AMAZING thing)
- Fish & Game: Alma Mater
- Poorboy: Blood and Roses 
- Cora Bissett/Pachamama Productions: Roadkill

image: Roadkill

- Kieran Hurley: Hitch
- Traverse Theatre Company: Midsummer
- You and Your Work 8 (Kate Rowles, Neil Callaghan and Simone Kenyon, Liz Clarke, Rhiannon Chaloner, Malcolm Whittaker, Katherina Radeva, Saffy Setohy and Reynir Hutber, Kings of England)
- Uninvited Guests: Make Better Please
- Alex Bradley & Malena Pena: Michael Jackson
- Inbetween Time 2010 (around 75 pieces)
- Tom Morris/Bristol Old Vic: Swallows and Amazons
- PANTO!!! at Bristol Hippodrome: Dick Whittington 
- Toby Farrow & Emma Earle: Flies
- Wattle and Daub: Endless Winter and the Accidental Survivalist
- Adam Peck: Only 
- Dan Canham: 30 Cecil Street
- Natalie McGrath: The Peace
- The Idle Dream: Bookshop
- Tom Wainwright: A Grocery Shop
- Guy Dartnell: Something or Nothing
- Simon Godwin/Bristol Old Vic: Faith Healer
- In The Flesh platform (4 pieces)
- Andrew Sheridan/Royal Exchange: Winterlong
- Sharon Clark/Theatre 503: The Biting Point
- Kid Carpet: Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals
- Lizzie Philps/Filton College: The Butterfly Collector
- Action Hero: Frontman (at Fierce Festival)
- James Webb: Prayer
- Nesst 2 (at Flatplack Festival)
- EXYZT: Burningham
- Quarantine: The Soldier's Song
- RoomOne Productions: Eight
- Green Eyed Zero: Folie a Deux
- also at the Circomedia birthday showcase: Leo & Yam, Tom Wainwright, Fullstop Acrobatic Theatre
- Sylvia Rimat: I guess if the stage exploded... (work in prog)
- Jo Bannon & Lucy Cassidy: Dead Line (work in prog)
As ever some remarkable work - notably the devastating and excoriating Roadkill; the crazy body wapping of Ampe & Garrido's Still Standing You (at Inbetween Time 2010) and the dark places of The Author. But also a higher than usual quotient of SHOWS THAT MADE ME WANT TO KILL - most of them in platforms so I haven't specified all of them in the list above... not all of them...