Monday, 1 September 2008

Things I've Seen In Between (April - August 08)

Jeeeez - was I really intending to write about every performance I see? Here's the latest list of theatre/live art I haven't blogged about:

Tom Marshman - The Invitation
Pacitti Company - Civil
Tim Atack - Astronaut
Bodies In Flight - Model Love (durational)
Tim Crouch/News from Nowhere - England
Tom Marshman & Friends - Hello Sailor (Goodbye Heart)
Mem Morrison - Leftovers
Rosie Dennis - Love Song Dedication & Fraudulent Behavious
Ridiculusmus - Tough Time, Nice Time
Tinned Fingers - When You Cry In Space Your Tears Go Everywhere
The Flaw Set
Search Party - Keep Going The Rhino!
Goat Island - The Lastmaker
Goat Island & Friends - We'd Like Fireworks
Topless Mum by Ron Hutchinson
YPT Urban Arts - Max & Beth
Marcus Young - Pacific Avenue
Leiza McLeod & Iain Morrison - Gimme the Beat Girls (work in progress)
Devon Country by Edson Burton (rehearsed reading)

As ever, some excellent stuff and some bad stuff. It's really reassuring that in each of these listy posts, there's always been at least one amazing show. This time the top gong goes to Tim Crouch/News From Nowhere for being exquisitely constructed and utterly devastating.

Maybe I'm not so cynical after all.